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Good Baseball Peeps

As in when it comes to trading Baseball Cards, these hurlers light up the crowd with solid deliveries:

Thoughts and Sox                             in Red Sox

ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession            ...with the San Francisco Giants

Cardboard Collections                               ...of the Atlanta Braves                                                                                   

Home of the Toddfather                            ...which would be Todd Helton and the rest of the Rockies

Garvey Cey Russel Lopes                         ...if you don't get that one, you'll just GIDP every time

The Prowling Cat                               ...prowls the West Coast minor leagues, and the western MLB too

All the Way to the Backstop                    ...the end of the line for your Padres cards

The Lost Cards File                        looking for your 2011 Lineage inserts, and good O's cards

Chipp 'n' Dale                                          ...refers to Jones 'n' Murphy

The Card Hobbyist                                  ...likes card blogging enough to buy his own .com

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