Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's trade Topps Spring Fever

So you thought I said I couldn't put cards up yet?

Well, it will be a long while before I can do them up right with a scanner. But I decided to give it a try using my phone.

I think it will be the way to go with these foil cards, as it turns out. Though the pro collectors probably wouldn't grade this effort very well on centering, would they?

This is one of my favorites of the set I have seen so far. It looks like Rickey has already made his jump towards 2nd, as you would expect of him. And, he is an Oakland Athletic which is how I will always think of him, to answer a question from earlier tonight on a blog I admire.

I like foil cards. Believe it or not, I think these are my first ever foil cards, though I might have some single example from some random pack purchase in the last 20 years. Eventually, like all bloggers, I'll share my baseball card collecting history here. There is another set of foil cards I am slowly falling for; naturally that is a perfect set-up for a future blog post.

I have 35 of is another favorite. I've always liked seeing a baseball on my baseball card:

Again some card photog flunkie couldn't get the borders right. I especially like a baseball in flight, and especially when it flies through refracting colors as you turn the card in bright light. There is a nice white baseball on the back of every card too; a bit surprising Topps didn't exploit that nice white space somehow.

Of course, having only 38 of them means I need 12 more. Naturally, I have doubles, and fortunately, I have 22 of those, sort of. So I am looking to trade 1-for-1 only on these Topps 2013 Spring Fever cards.

Oh, and ever since I met my first fellow baseball card collector when I was ten years old, I have referred to owning 2 or more copies of the same card as "doubles". Perhaps 'dupes' or 'duplicates' is more common, I don't know, but "doubles" certainly has more of a baseball ring to it.

Also, I haven't really started advertising this blog to get some readers/subscribers/fans/followers/eyeballs for it yet. But I will soon.

I need:

2 Haren
5 Cepeda
9 Machado
12 Middlebrooks
19 Fielder
23 Gonzalez
25 Segura
26 Wright
34 Clark
38 Rodney
40 Longoria
43 Hamilton

I have available:

6 Hanson
16 Peavy
17 Frazier
24 x4 Eovaldi
33 x4 Marte
35 Griffey Jr
36 x2 Musial
44 x3 Bautista
47 x4 Votto
50 Posey

With so many triple-doubles (hmmm, what sport are we obsessing over again?), it seems like it could be tricky to get this done. Keep in mind that I am on the road and not always within simple range of a Post Office. I work back in the woods you see.

I'll have some other questions about 21st century trading etiquette in my next post. It's been a long, long time since I have traded baseball cards in the mail. I can't wait to open my first package...


  1. You just left a comment on my blog post about the Rodney.

    Just bought the Posey so I really don't "need" any of those cards but I do have a buddy who is a huge Cardinals fan. Would you do a quick swap for one of your extra Musials?