Monday, April 1, 2013

I laughed at the front, I laughed at the back

Has a baseball card ever flipped us the bird before?

'course, that's just the luck of the shutter there with how Gio holds his glove, so I bet it's been printed on card-stock before. But then, he is smiling. He must know I am working on a Frankenset called Uhh-Oh, The Pitcher Is Smiling At Me.

I spent Opening Night Day driving onwards towards an exciting appointment with my insurance agent tomorrow, then the next day an even more exciting meeting with some guys from state and federal regulatory agencies. The cool thing is my client has to attend that meeting, and the gov't peeps will be telling my client exactly what I have been telling him already, even though his boss refuses to listen to certain facts.

The good news for blog readers is that I got to visit with Geoffrey twice more along the way, and there could be an especially dusty store to visit tomorrow, as I am in a state without an MLB team. But, then, both Toys R Us I went to this morning were also. I didn't find any more of those cut-your-own Verlanders, but I fed my purple jones some more. I'll get one last (hopefully) purple hit tomorrow and then I can put up a full have/need list for 2013 Topps Opening Day.

The bad news is that the 20% off sale on MLB "equipment" at Toys-R-Me is over now. Maybe single stores might still have a buy-one-get-2nd-at-50%-off deal on cards, but I only ever saw that in one store.

I did pick up one trick from the 'ole Giraffe today. I noticed at the second store there were no blister packs of regular '13 Series One on the little free-standing card tower rack thingie that is the flame to baseball card moths like me, even though it has dwindled down to a single side of sports cards. Those Yu-Gi-Oh monsters seem to get stronger every year, be careful out there. So like any experienced big box store shopper, I figured I should check the register aisles for wayward baseball card packages, and there they were, scores of blister packs, rack packs, and fat packs, just waiting to tempt all those milfy baseball fans stuck waiting in line with Jr.'s new video game. How did Griffey make the cover of MLB '13? I dunno, I was busy gawking at something there in the line. What did you say?

I don't really need any more Series One, but those purples kinda sing to me. There's a stack of them on my hotel desk right at hand right now.

Shhhh. I think I can hear them..... I think they're singing "From our imagination,

And when he's tall, he's what we call
A dinosaur sensation!

oh dear, be careful with these things. Quick, turn them over, that will shush them....

oh noooo Mr. Bill, they're still singing! A Topps pun just wasn't strong enough! Maybe these things really are for children after all.

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