Saturday, May 11, 2013

Instead of buying the cards, I bought the Duck Tape

I'm fairly sure he has a set of cards, but I had to take a pass. Sorry for the temporary lack of baseball card content, I'll be right back (brb in Justin-'speak') with some of that. I went with this instead:

I bought mine for $3.99. Lowest price on eBay = $5.99. So I already improved my financial position by 50%. Or 100%. I dunno, that would need, like, some math or something to figure out right. OK, OK, I didn't scroll through eBay all that much, maybe some desperate eBay seller will give you one for less than six bucks. People who 'work' for less than minimum wage selling stuff on eBay aren't always easy to figure out. But hurry....if you get some of this on-time, you can use it for raw material to make more Justin products to sell on eBay. Get in on the ground floor while you still can. I can't decide if I will make a Justin wallet first, or Justin pen-top flowers first. Tough call. I might just sit back and go for the Never Used! premium on the resale when this stuff is gone for good.

Now the One Direction Duck Tape, that stuff will be stuck in the discount bins for years to come, I promise you. But as soon as the first pressing of the Justin Duck Tape sells out in the brick-and-mortar stores, watch out there on the eBay....prices will double instantly. Not just some of the time, Instantly.

Oh, and if you were really smart, you would have set up 6 laptops and 4 cellphones to enter the TicketMaster Justin Bieber concert ticket on-sale micro-second lottery. First five rows go for a few thousand bucks each on the re-sale, though it helps to get the Meet-And-Greet pass too. You can't win if you don't enter.

Oh, and they already killed production of the tie-dyed duct tape it looks like. I'm glad I've got a reserve roll, I go through it fast.

- now, why is it that whenever I say the words "Tie Dye Duck Tape", the words "Hot Tub Time Machine" run through my head? -

So I'm mostly switching to the new "Glow" duck tape, because of course the Justin roll is just too valuable to actually use. Now whatever I McGuyver back together will straight up glow in the dark. How cool is that! I think I will buy some extra, really, before they kill that great idea and switch production to.....hmmmm.....what could be next?........hmmmmmm......Kardashian Duck Tape anyone? Why not? Just use Kardashian® Duck Tape and the question "Do I Look Fat In This?" will answer itself.

How long till the inevitable MLB licensing deal? We'll see, but not long I think, as the NFL already pulled that trigger. I hope it's not an exclusive with the Duck Tape folks; cuz the stuff they sell down at the heating & pluming supply store is the real deal that really works, you know, the kind that they really use for taping down ducts, so I hope those guys can get my preferred Olde English D in blue-and-orange when it comes out. Though I'm not looking forward to trying to score all 30 rolls from 27 different metro areas across the whole country; that will sure be a tough set to complete.

Be careful out there sailing around on the Bay. You never know where an inadvertent click-on-a-link will lead ya.

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