Monday, December 8, 2014

How Not To Do It #4

I love bubble gum cards. Going all the way back to the All-Time Champion Bubble Gum Card that I pulled from a back of bubble gum cards with actual bubble gum in it that I could start chewing immediately when I saw that huge bubble on the 1976 Kurt Bevacqua card.

But I especially like this bubble gum card, which are so rare these days. This one is actually a "short print" / "variation" that everyone always whines about. I wanted this new bubble gum card so bad, I paid $3 for it, delivered, instead of waiting another 6 months or a year when they will be another buck cheaper - particularly if this "slugger-in-the-making" doesn't pan out, like the vast majority of cards with the official RC logo. These "short prints" actually appear in quantities greater than the /2014 gold border editions, though there are also "super short-prints" that do not.

But this is definitely my Funniest Card of 2014, were I to find the free time to hand out baseball card awards, which would be fun.

This card answers so many questions:

Where do Rookie Cards come from?

How many Rookie Cards are there?

What does Topps give about how they place the RC logo amidst a given image?

What do Astros rookies usually accomplish?

Does bubble gum help the chewer accomplish any other daily task?

What adjective would describe this set position as a way to play First Base?

Could that same adjective be used about Topps' overall attention to detail here?

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