Friday, July 24, 2020


2020, what more can be said?

I even ran out of energy to be ripping packs of baseball cards. But occasionally I would still put a pack or three in the basket with the groceries.

Just now I went to the Big Box to stock up on various supplies for Opening Late Afternoon, and finally discovered when the local 'rep' appears in my town to stock the crucial baseball card section: Friday afternoon, 2 to 5 usually, he says. And there was the first appearance of Series Two in my little ole home-town, some 3 weeks after averyone else. 2020, what can be said about that?

I hope you all have been bloggling away as much as possible. My 2020 has been the same as most any year; the opening of baseball season is always a very busy, 25/8 type schedule for me, which rolls right on into summer. I do have a little less time-sensitive work right now, so I can hang out with you fine individuals for a few weeks. 

Looking forward to it, see you soon!

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