Saturday, April 10, 2021

Mmm-mmm good Shiny

I know I will never catch up with bloggling about all the fun and not so fun things I find on my beloved baseball cards. Though I have some nice little piles of cards I am looking forward to scanning, sometimes I figure it is better to cut the line.

Today I was happier than usual to find some brand new baseball cards on the shelf. A long crappy day discovering 2 different things to fix on my truck, big-time work scheduling pressure, and the capper was my local pharmacy telling me that I was typing in my own birth date wrong - meaning my vaccination appointment was now invalid.

And I had even missed the official 3 pm distribution of the trading cards at my local Big Box store.

I went on over there after dark, anyway. Shoots, scores! One brand new Heritage "Mega" box. I have 2 blasters of Heritage already and my usual pile of hits & misses to share with you - some day.

But this delightful baseball card eye candy can't wait:

Now this is the way to Psychedelic Tombstone.

These scan a little odd, but that's OK - these things are to be held in your hands, not your devices.

These are the trippiest cards I've seen since late 90s Pacific inserts.

$45 for 3 of 'em, though of course you also get 132 nice regular Heritage cards, too.

But if you happen to pull your most hated baseball player ever and can't stand having their card in your house, well, I'm your huckleberry.

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  1. They're not for me, but I can definitely see the appeal of them.