Monday, September 23, 2013

I'll be looking for this guy's cards

Baseball permeates America. Including some odd corners of it, such as this one I found myself in the other day. Still proud of their former Major Leaguer.

I have no clue who this player is. But I love the area where that little town sits. My family first "got off the boat" not very far away, 125-some years ago. It has been a pleasure working in that area. The other day I spent about an hour in a cemetery that likely held some of those distant relatives, though I didn't see any correct names on the the headstones, and didn't have time to look either.

I did peek at Baseball-Reference to find out, so I know his career is before my collections. But that is all I can manage tonight. Though I am happy to be indoors tonight, when you have "free wi-fi", well, sometimes you get what you pay for. It took over an hour to get this all put together.

At least the Brewers are keeping things entertaining. I'll miss Uecker next week, that's for sure.

See y'all eventually.

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