Saturday, April 26, 2014

Non-Baseball Baseball Cards

I love it when I find one of these, and I love where this find might lead me. It is almost always a "virtual" find — i.e. I see these on the Internet on a blog or some other odd corner of cyberspace.

I found this in a package of job supplies today, a simple box of mycorrhizae (beneficial soil fungi) root dip for the seedlings I plant.

The distribution firm I purchased from included an array of promotional materials - business card, stickers, oversized glossy post card thingie deal, do-rag, and the above pictured item.

Brilliant! For most of the items they sell, I have a range of options on where to acquire them. But if you send me a faux-baseball card promo, well … hook, line, & sinker.

I have no idea who Mr. Zies is and will never find out. Unfortunately, his career stats are not included on the back, because it is blank. Which is explained by the fact that it is actually a sticker. (And thus the curl, as well). Of course I have a simple policy for baseball-card-like (one could wonder if this is hockey-card-like perhaps, though I'm sure you know which is which) stickers: I stick them on things. Or perhaps I trade them to one of you fine folks. This one will be going on to my toolbox dedicated to chainsaw miscellany.

And I will be getting on the horn soon to figure out how to Complete The Set, of course. I'm sure that will simply require a few purchases of job materials I would be purchasing anyway. Uh-huhh, sure.

But even better - I will be inquiring how I, too, can be "immortalized" on my very own 'baseball card' sticker. Stay tuned.

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