Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A card for tonight.

I like repacks more each time I find some.

But I've certainly never wanted one of the above. No matter how much I can enjoy unwanted junk baseball cards, I'm not going to pay 16¢ each for them. 

Until today:

Not seeing the connection?

I've been enjoying the new crew on Fox this World Series, and have started to want a Harold Reynolds card. And Dollar Tree came through for me, although I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone buys those 6 card packs when they sit right next to 20 and 30 card packs for the same price.

And yes that means I have some other cheap goodies to play with soon too.

In the meantime check out the back of this 87 Fleer:

A bit short of two decades before The Shift changed the game of baseball (and a few years before Stadium Club went with wonky data card backs), someone was laying the groundwork - collecting the data. 

And Fleer probably purchased it, as it is copyrighted from "Mountain Lion", something I'll have to explore from the comforts of home some time, rather than the cab of my truck, where this post is coming from. 

My other question of the day is - who will make the first Tom Verducci card?

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