Monday, March 4, 2013


I am starting to like the Fat Pack. Mostly because it seems to be the only place to score these nice items:

OK, not my best attempt at card photography, but, oh, heck.....this card is so good I'll have to do a whole post just on this card. I just erased three rapturous paragraphs on this. I'll re-do the photo in prime Foil action for that one, I promise.

I've got maybe 3 dozen of the Chasing History cards now, and I can't seem to pull a gold one. I don't really care about a variant like that, but I am wondering if they only come in a certain pack configuration?

Anyhow, I think this one Fat Pack really got me hooked, it was very Fat:

That's 2 Foil Chasing History, another CH, an emerald parallel, 2 more entries from the insert sets, the (currently at least) hottest Rookie Card in the set, a bonus RC, stars Verlander (one of the classic-est images in the set) and Mauer, Alex Rios in a throwback uni, a '72 mini of a unique-ish young prospect on the bubble this year, my team celebrating a Playoff win, and a "relic" card...not that there's anything wrong with that.

All that for $5 retail from some big box store. Too bad I forgot to put the parallels in the picture :(

Pretty Fat huh? I would think a young collector would be very satisfied with a pack like that — always a big deal to buy the double pack instead of a single.

And since I'm easily amused by bright shiny things, it looks like I'll end up Chasing those Foil Chasing History cards. Why don't I just surrender to my eye candy sweet tooth and get into Bowman? Nope. Not gonna happen. I like Baseball Cards, but I think my Topps Master has enough hooks into me already with their Base "set" that is really like, how many sets? A whole 'nother product line....nah. I'll hold what I got. Y'all go ahead.

Oh, and if you know of the location of a shirt with that rad Othello print like the one on my middle-of-the-road motel the other day, please let me know. A buddy of mine has a shirt like that and it is a chick magnet like you wouldn't believe. It screams 70s louder than That 70s Show, and women walk up to him all night asking about it whenever he wears it. The 70s seem to get cooler each passing year now.

Speaking of Fat, how about that player on the first box this year? Oh dear, my time limit for tonight has been reached. We'll have to go with a Fat 2.0 post on a blog screen quite like this one at a date to be named later....and I almost forgot another Fat pull - 2 Cut To The Chase cards in 2 Fat Packs the next day.

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