Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pitcher Isn't Pitching

I think this isn't an uncommon baseball card theme to collect. Since this is a visual medium, should I use the new meme for the meme idea, the word "meme"? And is that 'me-me' or 'may-may' or 'meem' or maym'? It's not one you hear out loud much.

Anyhow I know I've read of the idea on Dimebox; I'm sure these cards catch the eye of lots of collectors.

I'm not real thrilled that 2013 Topps doesn't have the player's position on the front of the card. I use baseball cards to keep up with the game...it helps me tremendously in knowing the players. I'll be digging a little deeper into Topp's habits on this soon.

I was talking cards with the owner of the FLCS where I was working in late January, and he pointed out that at least you could tell all of the pitchers by the picture on the the front of the card.

Except sometimes you can't count on that not-pitcher picture being a pitcher picture. Have some drinks and try saying that out loud.

There have been several very good ones the last few years I will be posting. I really like this one from 2013 Series One. Instead of the standard Look-The-Pitcher-Has-A-Baseball-Bat-In-His-Hands, the Pitcher Is Fielding The Ball. Cool. It takes more than a glance to realize he is in a pitching-looking pitcher pose, but he isn't standing on the mound. Can't say I can recall seeing that on a baseball card before, but then I mostly skipped the billion card decade called "the 90s."

Baseball dash Reference dot com quickly decodes the blurry Royal running by as Mike Moustakas, hitting a single (he beat the throw) in the bottom of the third on July 16, 2012. The Mariners won 9-4 and Vargas got the win, allowing 3 run over six innings — all immediately before the Moustakas hit. Jeff Franceour would fly-out and end the inning on the next at-bat, stranding Moustakas at 1st.

Such a mysterious team for me, the Mariners. Barring playoff action, the Tigers play the west coast teams for 2 series a year each. The Mariners always seem to have a bunch of good players on my baseball cards, but never much of a team. What happens in baseball after 10pm eastern time stays on the West Coast and not so much in my mind.

I am building a binder page for this Frankenset idea. I have 3 such cards, one from each of the last 3 series from Topps, and I haven't been able to examine any of the 3 2011 series or all of 2012 series 1 & 2. I will post them eventually, they are both great, great cards that team and player collectors may have never seen.

I'm not sure if I want to blow this up with similar memetic (ooooh, a favorite new two dollar word!) cards out of my 2011-2013 collecting focus, but I probably will. 

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