Tuesday, January 29, 2019

and your Psychedelic card of the year is

It's a brand New Year's Christmas Eve of Baseball Cards and you can't be naming Cards-of-the-Year for 2018 any more, and there aren't any 2019 baseball cards yet?

Don't tell Luis Ayala that.

It's 2019 and the Psychedelic card of the year is from 2012?

Don't tell Luis Ayala that. Psychedelic things are allergic to "Time" and they reject the very use of the term.

Relief Pitchers never get to bat and never take batting practice?

Don't tell Luis Ayala that.

You are losing the ability to read the text of the card and aren't sure it says A-y-a-l-a?

Maybe it says something like A-y-a-h-u-a.......or maybe it is just a Psychedelic font that can only be revealed after double reverse mirror imaging and saying the secret code word backwards three times.

The Psychedelic card of the year was scanned in a little crookedly?

Do you think Luis Ayala would not laugh at your suggestion that a Psychedelic card could somehow be scanned in to a just exactly perfect 3.50" x 2.50" laser etching?

Psychedelic things are supposed to be flowery, warm, and fuzzy, not vaguely menacing with an uncertain worry about just what might happen in the short term future?

That's how Psychedelic things sometimes work, unless you are Luis Ayala, I guess. The desert is home to many Psychedelic items in his home state of Sinaloa and he seems rather unconcerned about his future. But yours, on the other hand...

Major League Baseball players are supposed to take off their wristband from the music festival before they enter the field of play?

Don't tell Luis Ayala that.

The Orange & Black Orioles aren't supposed to wear Pink accented batting gloves?

Don't tell Luis Ayala that.

Infield dirt is brown, not melting it's way towards becoming Oriole orange?

Don't tell Luis Ayala that. His bat is starting to turn orange too, and I think it is starting to vibrate.

No one knows just what is happening out there to the Oriole faithful all Orioled up in their Saturday-go-to-ballgame finest but now, now something amorphous is happening to them, and we don't know what it is, do we, Mr. Jones?

No, Luis Ayala doesn't know what is happening out there, either. It's the Psychedelic card of the year, and if it could all be perfectly explained, then it wouldn't be very Psychedelic, now would it?

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