Monday, January 21, 2019

New Blog Announcement: The Sea Turtle Cards

Hello there, fans of the base set. I'm not sure how or where else to do it, and can't recall how I got this blog off the ground five years ago, so this seems like the best and only place to do this. If you have read this blog since the beginning you won't be too surprised at the contents of my new blog.

I started a "Set Blog," documenting the 2013 Topps Baseball set, sometimes referred to as the "Sea Turtle" cards, given a key design element there in the bottom left corner.

The address of the very first post is:

There is also a link to it right there on the top right of this blog, which I will continue to write occasionally as well, when I can. Both of these blogs will remain irregular affairs, but more and more I realize one thing about life - the Internet never goes away. So no matter how long the new blog needs to document the 2013 set, which could be a very long time indeed, I expect one of the largest Internet companies on the planet will keep it around for me.

Recently I attempted to assemble some of my writings about an entirely different topic, Brook Trout fishing, and when I attempted to start a blog for that I ran into a bit of an oddity. The blog name I desired was already taken. By a blogger who wished to write about roller coasters, and had managed to make it all the way to about half-way through their very first post, and then ground to a total and complete halt, with 3 paragraphs of text on a single page on a screen and nothing else. In the year 2005. But Alphabet, or Google, or Blogger, was still patiently waiting for them to come back, and finish that first blog post, 13 years later. You never know.

My new blog contains a built-in documentation not just of the 2013 Topps Baseball set, but also my attempts to collect a unique version of that set, as partially illustrated by the card shown above. Let's call that the Pre-Production Promo Teaser sample card for the new blog. Those get valuable, decades later, I hear.

Here at Base Set Calling, topics on the horizon include My Favorite Recent /x Pull, a So Close, So Close post, and a look back at the 2018 Topps Tigers, such as I can, with the Tigers I managed to collect this year. Hint: I still need some. 

So I'll see y'all again sometime soon; looking forward to all of those topics, and plenty of looks at 2013 Topps baseball cards, and the best thing of all right now -



  1. Cool! My nickname as the title for a set blog! Always liked this set. The odd-numbered treated Topps well this decade (well, except 2017).

  2. I'm trying so hard to not consider the decade as a whole until next week, when I finally rip a pack of the final entry. So hard....a blog topic here soon.