Friday, November 1, 2013

My Favorite Fielding Cards

...aren't necessarily all the awesome In Action cards we get to enjoy here in the 21.1 century - Topps does a very nice job with those, even handing us a nice insert set of them this year, the 'Chase It Down' cards.

I do like those, a lot. But I think my favorite fielding cards are the ones that make you think:
That's actually a very nice card, though I'm pretty sure it is a shot taken during warm-ups; as far as I can tell from the game log Alvarez did not touch a live ball in the field when he came in for David Wright late in this year's All-Star game. I had to cheat and look it up, because I was pleasantly beered up by that point, thoroughly enjoying strange sights like a Prince Fielder triple.

Pedro has one of my hands-down favorite cards this year, and you'll be seeing it again here eventually. He is a heckuva slugger of course, and Topps can't just show sluggers slugging ALL the time, can they?

But what I like about this card only comes from knowing your 2013 National League fielding statistics. I'll be keeping an eye out for Starlin Castro's 2014 base card, (after a great slab of 'cardboard' this year), let's put it that way.

Perhaps seeing a Castro fielding card, or another Alvarez one, will depend on how much Topps likes those 2 players. Perhaps Topps can get a little catty, even:
OMG! OMG! Do I have to catch it? OMG, I HAVE to catch it! OMG! 
I hope I catch it!

Home Run Topps, Home Run.

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