Friday, June 21, 2013

The Sea Turtle makes it to near-cardboard

On the blister pack there. Kind of more of a stiff paper than cardboard. Not brown. Keep swimming Mr. Sea Turtle. Topps is bound to reprint you some day on actual brown cardboard if we keep whining enough. Maybe in Archives 2031. You'll simply have to download the code from Topps and send it over to the 3D printer. It will look and feel just like cardboard, and you can pick how thick to make it.

Ho-Hum. Gambled on finding an image variation in this retail set and lost.

I like the team sets Topps puts together for that reason. In fact, I first picked up the NL set with that one player from Washington on the cover, thinking the big box store thought we had all moved to the D.C. area. I had to think, hey, perhaps I'll find a bonus card not in the regular Series. I'll be buying some more of the actual team sets, but probably not until 2015 when they are just a couple bucks apiece. I have a sinking feeling that I'll be going for a Master Set of all the Sea Turtle cards. Not all the inserts they get packaged with, just all of the cards with Sea Turtles on them. At least the Short Prints in Series 2 look to be not-so-shortly printed.

But all you get in this set is a foil stamp of the American League logo. I'm sure these will bedevil card shop employees in the 2030s with non-collectors bringing one in from this storage locker they purchased, hoping for cash money from that special stamp. Best of luck there. Here is an example:

Based on all other parallel prices, that one is the one most likely to be wanted by anyone, for their double rainbow of every variant possible.

The Checklist runs like this

Reyes      ... hey, he wasn't in the American League last year. This is not an All-Star set.

A little heavy on the infielders there Topps, the American League better hope none of their outfielders get injured this year. I won't be picking up the National League blister pack to make head-to-head match ups.

The five cards that are from Series 2 are all the same as their previous editions in Opening Day, just to supply some reporting here.

So if you need a foil eagle stamp for a PC entry, by all means offer me up anything you like. I like baseball cards, those will work.

Don't forget all these great features:

American League™ embossed Eagle logo Silver Foil Stamping

Unique AL-# card number on the back

Unique Topps production code number on the back

Not available in packs

Pack-fresh Gem Mint condition

Order today and receive Bonus! regular Series edition of each card. That's right, TWO cards!

Boredom sold separately in this year's Panini packs.

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