Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You Don't See Cards Like These Much Any More

But I doubt you really miss them. They do catch your eye when you see them these days. So I bound them together for all eternity. That oughta puzzle the archaeologists studying the Plastic Age. I doubt the little cellular critters will ever penetrate all the mysterious compound molecules involved in 21st century cards.

The top 3 appeared separately but the bottom 5 were a striking run in a fat pack, so I might discriminate against them going forward; though there are basically 2 variants across the 5. Craig has a nasty lightning bolt heading right to his nose, and Adeiny's frame had a run in with something at the factory. Ruined.

The rest are just yer average BGS 7 cards, no big deal. Should I tweet Topps to demand replacements? I mean, I'm out like a buck fiddy here on the resale, maybe more, with that RC and a Topps Cup  in there and all.

And it does look like my scanner will handle my binder pages OK....

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