Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What IS That? #5

Another baseball player with a necklace on....

Are we going to a rave after the game? I hope I'm invited. Bonus points for matching the day-glo accessory with one of the brighter Wilson logos I can recall.

I'm intrigued by necklace style on the ball players these days. That would be a very overly large and boring Frankenset. But I will have some questions...

Jury's out on whether Prospectors should assemble 100 card lots of this one. But of course, all the action these days is on super limited edition day-glo refractor minor league cards with a wiggly sharpie line scrawled across a sticker on them from 2~3 years before the actual Rookie Year.

"The key return piece in the Adrian Gonzalez trade...", says the back of the card. Sorry Padres, elbow surgery for Casey again this year (60 Day DL, or more) while Adrian is hitting .367 against them.

Keeping it simple I can spend what's left of this evening sorting baseball cards. You know, so we can trade them....


  1. The A-Gone trade was a joke. The key piece was supposed to be Anthony Rizzo, who was brought up too quickly and then traded to the Cubs for another injury prone pitcher, Andrew Cashner. I mean, I like the guy, but he's gotta stay healthy. And he's no Adrian.

  2. I know alot about bad trades as a Marlins fan We traded away Miguel Cabrera for Cameron Maybin and a bag of chips. Love the blog btw just started following check mine out feel free to join the site if you like waht you see. Good luck to the Padres moving forward.

  3. I think what pulled me a little deeper into baseball was the Tigers' 119 loss season about ten years ago now; trying to figure out what Trammel and the front office would do about the implosion.

    So I'm fascinated by the struggling teams and have been listening to a little bit of Marlins broadcasts. Maybe I'll check in with some Padres ones as well.

    I haven't followed the Padre<>Red Sox trade like I have some others, thanks for the further details Mr. Backstop.

    I will have a post about being a Marlins fan later this year....I'm waiting to get a certain card for it.