Friday, October 18, 2013

ALCS FLCS pick-up

I like Broadcaster cards. Cards of Broadcasters in action, or ballplayer cards of the ex-ballplayers. I'll show you some of my few prides and joys some day when I am actually at home, where my cards live.

For all of this thrilling edition of an ALCS, I have been traveling, where blogging is difficult. But the other day a both fortunate and unfortunate rain delay (for my work, not for the game that night, fortunately), allowed me to visit my Friendly Local Card Shop. Yes, the one I was worried about in my previous post.

So I have some wonderful new Sea Turtles to babble about. Hobby Sea Turtles at that. Awesome Nomar Garciaparra pull so far.

Hey, wait! He played for the wrong team. Fortunately, I also picked up this long-time desired card:

Only one-fiddy! Not three. Why haven't I started buying these cheap old Vintage cards a long time ago? Oh, yeah, they're not exactly sold on the street corners out in the backwoods where there are no street corners.

I like this card thanks to the lurking light-tower and a stadium's upper deck (such comforting photo elements, so.....Vintage) also because of the back:

Which brings you some reminders of a few of the stories Jim likes to tell during his broadcasts - he is from Hershey, PA, and he enjoyed playing 2 sports in high school, doing well at each.

Tomorrow night I will be listening intently to the Tigers broadcast, from the opening interview with Jim Leyland to Dan Dickerson's final sign-off. Well, hopefully I can skip the sign-off, because they will play again on Sunday.

Whenever the Tigers are playing a possible elimination game or game 162 of the regular season, I absorb the radio broadcast, which mean a lot to me. Probably to save it all up for the offseason. I don't like the offseason. The Hot Stove League just doesn't do it for me.

I'll write more on the Tigers' radio team some other time. Hopefully when I finally pick up the other 2 Jim Price cards that I believe exist from his playing days. I would love to discover some new ones from the 21st Century though I doubt any exist.

Who listens to the radio anymore anyway?


  1. I listen to them when I cant get to a tv...I like Dickerson..not a fan of Price, to be honest.. Gives me like no insight knowledge...I miss the days of Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey

  2. Price had a Topps card every year from 1968-1971 showing him as a Tiger. He was also on a Pirates Rookie Stars card (#123) in the 1967 set.

  3. I just picked up a 1970 Jim Price card for a quarter yesterday. Funny that you should post this.