Thursday, October 17, 2013

The New Baseball Cards Aren't Here! The New Baseball Cards Aren't Here!

I love where I live. I love where I work. I am very fortunate to do what I do. This year at work I have lost track of how many Eagles I have seen, to brag on just one tiny cool thing about it.

But I am rather less happy about being at the edge of nowhere — I live in the Great Lakes and watched the sun rise out of Lake Huron this morning, so I'm always at the edge, not the middle — when it comes time to buy some brand-new baseball cards.

A time when I end up as happy as a Jerky guy in a 1970s movie when the new phone books arrive.

What are phone books? Don't worry about that. They were these clunky things used in the 70s, among other decades, that time has passed by, mostly.

Another clunky thing from the 1970s  are ... Wacky Packages! Fortunately, they are remaining somewhat timeless.

I love it when Topps drops little, or not so little, shout-outs to timeless art masterpieces in their work.

I thought it was rather lucky to be in nowhere land just long enough to still pick up a last pack of Series 10. I don't know if I have a set of it yet; I still have some to rip back at home Base. And indeed I picked up the very last pack available on the rack.

Of course with there being a big baseball game today, I had to pick up just a few more baseball cards somehow. Yesterday I went with a little bit more Topps Chrome (trade list list list updated) and pulled David Ortiz, twice. Naturally, the Tigers lost.

Tonight things went much better. I purchased one last rack/jumbo/fat pack of Trout Turtles, errr, Series 2, to luck my team into victory. And what a phat pack it was: I pulled 3 Miguel Cabrera cards in one pack!  And only one Red Sock - Johnny Gomes, who didn't even make tonight's line-up. Topps nails it shut as the Tigers crush a former White Sock! Thanks Topps! Don't mess with the Topps Voodoo!

Now if only the wizards of Duryea could do something about those durn Update Turtles. The new Sea Turtles are still swimming towards me way up here, and they sure swim slowly.

And if I finally find some Update for sale tomorrow and I pull a Boston Strong parallel....oh dear.

I have a few things left in Series 1 & 2 to babbly-on about, but those will have to wait. Even Turtles reach their destination eventually, though meanwhile I am becoming very, very concerned about my current nearest Friendly Local Card Shop (65 miles from home), which I haven't reached in my review series yet. I want to reserve a "Hobby Jumbo" of Update...but they haven't answered their phone all week. I can only hope and pray the owner is simply on vacation.

Luckily I can still be Wacky!

Perhaps it explains what happened to those sluggardly Sea Turtles still stuck on some semi somewhere: "They've gone AWOOL and are on the lamb!" You slay me Topps, you really do. Nice work pairing that punny masterpiece with more of the same on the back:

I wish I could scan that one for you to walk off every last foot-pun of fun there. You'll just have to shuffle on down to the Big Box store on your own two feet and find one of your very own. Topps is a little better than I with the word footsie on it. Maybe I'll pull a double for ya when I finish ripping Series 10. I do hope to find doubles, triples and quadruples of this one:

Occupy shout-out! Political Wacky! These are rare in the sets but they do appear from time-to-time, and I will be sticking this on some things. I have a few pulled to share with you on some other grumpy no-baseball cards day.

I have mentioned in a previous foray into my original www - the wonderful world of Wackys - how much I like the new mockery theme on the backs, the TV show billboards, like this one:

As usual I am left wondering if these things really are for children. Though whenever I think I know that answer, I immediately find 2 or 3 ho-hum scatological Wackys.

In this Series, perhaps for the first time ever, I really like one of the puzzle subjects:

I like it enough that I might try and figure out how to display the puzzle pieces even, courtesy of this hanger/jumbo/rack/fat pack (I can never get the nomenclature right for those things except for the Series 1 packs with Prince Fielder on the wrapper) which hooked me up with 6 of the 9 puzzle pieces at once. I'm not quite used to such large Packages of Wacky.

Still finding new stuff to make me purchase more stuff while I wait for the new stuff, even in the Wacky Packages. Topps has my number. They even knew to give me a sweet new taste of one of my previous favorites from this Series:

Nice. Primary colors. Orange and blue, like this baseball team I like. I could grow to like these Parallel Wackys.... Ut-ohhh....

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