Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beguiling Binder Page #2

A little 'set maintenance' and card shipping this morning. Picked up a small lot of the /10 Silver Slate cards. The Greinke included in the lot will more than pay for the whole lot.

I figured this series will need a new title, and even a permanent collection on here somewhere. Starting in on the Update pages now too - these will be very tough, requiring Silk or Printing Plate or Platinum on some of them. Ouch! And I'm not even really a fan of the Silk Collection. Keep me in mind for non-blue-team Sapphires from the Update set itself, I will need at least 30 more yet.

Nor am I much of a fan of the basically colorless Silver Slate cards despite the raised border, but decided to use a few when they are very cheap, just for variety on the pages. So finally caved on putting the Neil Walker card in the set, instead of the Target Red version. I might look at a Target Red for the Helton card, though I kinda-sorta like the sparkly teammates that must have just beamed up or something. It looks much 'neater' un-bindered, in-hand — Todd is like "whoa, which way did they go?"

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